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As a bilingual country, Canada offers you the opportunity to improve your fluency and capacity for either English and/or French as you further your studies, that’s why a vast number of students come every year to pursue their careers thru a high-quality education that will open doors for your future and benefit you over the long term.

There are two options for student visas:

  • If you have already been accepted to an approved institution
  • If you don’t have any educational institution, don’t worry, we can help you to find them and any program of interest

In some cases, student visas allow you to work on campus. These visas can also bridge into permanent residence.

Remember that student visas are not required if your program length is less than 6 months, you should only apply for a tourist visa in this case.

Don’t hesitate and please be in touch to tell us about your plans, we will be glad to help you.