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Our fees vary from the different type of applications what we can process.

Based on your needs and requirements we would need to do an assessment of your situation to provide fees and prices of the services offered.

This is our price list for consultations.
CA $125 – Initial assessment/appointment.
CA $120 – Follow up appointment.

We also run immigration file reports, also called, CAIPS notes, FOSS report or GCMS report.

CA $140 – CAIPS, FOSS or GCMS Report
CA $190 – CAIPS, FOSS or GCMS Report with interpretation from our Immigration Consultant.

The normal processing time for these reports varies from 4 to 6 weeks from the day we receive the application, a signed consent, and payment.

Our preparation time for an application varies depending on the type of application,

1 to 3 weeks for temporary residency
1 to 12 weeks for Permanent Residency applications

In addition to this, application processing times also depend on immigration Canada (CIC).

As an example, of how long an application for temporary residency takes for processing,

20 to 70 days for a Visitor, student or worker*
8 to 30+ months for Permanent Resident Application*
Gives a call, send us your info by email and we can build together your plans for coming to Canada.

* These times are estimated and change every day from CIC.

Our Refund Policy

GêRCanada agrees to fully refund the professional fees paid by the applicant if the company is found in error or fault. However, we have no obligation to refund the applicant in case the refusal to the application in question, is due to one of the following reasons:

Criminal Inadmissibility of any kind, resulting in a refusal
Medical Inadmissibility
False declaration or forging documents
Cancellation of the application

Any change of marital status from the time the application is made and until the issuance of the visa, without prior notice to the consultant, resulting in a refusal.