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This is a brand new list of contractors you can bring to Canada without the need of an LMIA. This is applicable for Mexicans and Colombians.

Main Requirements.
1. Technical Degree (Technician) in construction or related.
2. Several years of experience in the area. (legally obtained)
3. Basic to Intermediate English Level
Work Permits are for 1 year.
Current processing time
- in Mexico - 1 Month

asphalt roofers foreman/woman
asphalt roofing contractor
asphalt roofing foreman/woman
bicycle repair shop supervisor
boiler and pipe insulation specialists foreman/woman
boiler and pipe insulators foreman/woman
branch supervisor, pest control
brick and stone masons foreman/woman
brick masonry contractor
bricklayer foreman/woman
bricklayer supervisor
bricklaying and masonry contractor
bricklaying contractor
bridge painters foreman/woman
building insulation material installation foreman/woman
building insulation specialists foreman/woman
building insulators foreman/woman
building maintenance supervisor
camera repair shop supervisor
cement finisher foreman/woman
cement finishing contractor
cement smoother foreman/woman
concrete and cement finishers foreman/woman
concrete and cement finishing contractor
concrete finishers foreman/woman
concrete finishing foreman/woman
construction painters foreman/woman
construction painters supervisor
contractor, asphalt roofing
contractor, bricklaying
contractor, bricklaying and masonry
contractor, cement finishing
contractor, concrete and cement finishing
contractor, decorating
contractor, drywall application
contractor, drywalling
contractor, eavestrough installation
contractor, fencing
contractor, floor covering
contractor, glass installation and repair
contractor, glazing
contractor, hot water heater installation
contractor, insulating
contractor, insulation
contractor, interlocking paving stones
contractor, marble and terrazzo setting
contractor, painting
contractor, painting and wallpapering
contractor, paperhanging
contractor, plastering
contractor, plastering and drywall application
contractor, plastering and drywalling
contractor, roofing
contractor, roofing (except sheet metal roofs)
contractor, septic systems
contractor, shingle roofing
contractor, siding
contractor, stonemasonry
contractor, swimming pool installation
contractor, terrazzo finishing
contractor, tile, terrazzo and marble setting
contractor, tilesetting
contractor, wood shingle roofing
contractor-floor coverer
contractor-polisher, terrazzo
contractor-roofer (except metal roofs)
customer service supervisor – housing construction
decorating contractor
decorating foreman/woman – construction
decorators foreman/woman
division supervisor, pest control
drywall application contractor
drywall applicators foreman/woman
drywall contractor
eavestrough contractor
exterminating service supervisor
fence contractor
fibre glass insulation specialists foreman/woman
fibre insulators foreman/woman
fireproofing plastering foreman/woman
floor and wall covering installers foreman/woman
floor coverer-contractor
floor covering contractor
floor covering foreman/woman
floor covering supervisor
foam insulation foreman/woman
foam insulators foreman/woman
foreman/woman, asphalt roofers
foreman/woman, boiler and pipe insulation specialists
foreman/woman, boiler and pipe insulators
foreman/woman, brick and stone masons
foreman/woman, bricklayer
foreman/woman, bridge painters
foreman/woman, building insulation specialists
foreman/woman, building insulators
foreman/woman, cement finishers
foreman/woman, concrete and cement finishers
foreman/woman, concrete finishers
foreman/woman, construction painters
foreman/woman, decorators
foreman/woman, drywall applicators
foreman/woman, fibre glass insulation specialists
foreman/woman, fibre insulation
foreman/woman, fibre insulators
foreman/woman, fireproofing plasterers
foreman/woman, floor and wall covering installers
foreman/woman, floor covering
foreman/woman, foam insulators
foreman/woman, glass installators
foreman/woman, glass installers
foreman/woman, glaziers
foreman/woman, greenhouse installers
foreman/woman, hothouse installers
foreman/woman, insulation specialists
foreman/woman, insulators
foreman/woman, lathers
foreman/woman, marble setters
foreman/woman, painters – construction
foreman/woman, painters and decorators
foreman/woman, paperhangers
foreman/woman, plasterers
foreman/woman, refractory bricklayers
foreman/woman, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment insulators
foreman/woman, roofers
foreman/woman, roofers (except sheet metal roofs)
foreman/woman, stain glass installers
foreman/woman, stained glass glaziers
foreman/woman, stonemasons
foreman/woman, stucco plasterers
foreman/woman, terrazzo setters
foreman/woman, tilesetters
foreman/woman, waterproofers
foreman/woman, wood shingle roofers
glass installation and repair contractor
glass installation foreman/woman
glass installers foreman/woman
glazier supervisor
glazing contractor
glazing supervisor
greenhouse installers foreman/woman
hot water heater installation contractor
hothouse installers foreman/woman
insulating contractor
insulation contractor
insulation foreman/woman
insulation specialists foreman/woman
insulation supervisor
interlocking paving stone contractor
lathers foreman/woman
lathers supervisor
marble and terrazzo contractor-setter
marble and terrazzo setter-contractor
marble and terrazzo setting contractor
marble setters foreman/woman
marble setting foreman/woman
painter foreman/woman – construction
painters and decorators foreman/woman
painters and decorators supervisor
painting and wallpapering contractor
painting contractor
painting supervisor – construction
paperhangers foreman/woman
paperhanging contractor
paperhanging foreman/woman
pest control branch supervisor
pest control division supervisor
pest control supervisor
plasterer foreman/woman
plastering and drywall application contractor
plastering and drywalling contractor
plastering contractor
plastering supervisor
pool and patio contractor
refractory bricklayer foreman/woman
refrigeration and air conditioning equipment insulators foreman/woman
roof shinglers supervisor
roofer-contractor (except metal roofs)
roofers (except sheet metal roofs) foreman/woman
roofers and shinglers supervisor
roofers foreman/woman
roofing contractor
roofing contractor (except sheet metal roofs)
roofing supervisor
septic system contractor
shingle roofing contractor
siding contractor
stain glass installers foreman/woman
stained glass glaziers foreman/woman
stonemason foreman/woman
stonemasonry contractor
stucco plasterers foreman/woman
superintendent, race track maintenance
supervisor bricklaying
supervisor cement finishing
supervisor, bicycle repair shop
supervisor, bricklayer
supervisor, building insulation
supervisor, camera repair shop
supervisor, construction painters
supervisor, drywall installers
supervisor, exterminating service
supervisor, floor covering
supervisor, glazier
supervisor, glazing
supervisor, latherers
supervisor, painters and decorators
supervisor, pest control
supervisor, plastering
supervisor, roof shingling
supervisor, roofers and shinglers
supervisor, roofing
supervisor, tilesetters
supervisor, tilesetting
swimming pool contractor
terrazzo finishing contractor
terrazzo polisher-contractor
terrazzo polishing contractor
terrazzo setters foreman/woman
tile and marble contractor
tile, terrazzo and marble setting contractor
tilesetters foreman/woman
tilesetters supervisor
tilesetting contractor
tilesetting supervisor
waterproofers foreman/woman
waterproofing foreman/woman
wood shingle roofers foreman/woman
wood shingle roofing contractor