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Checklist Students - Outside Canada

  • 1– Please fill out this online Form with all your information. Fill out as much as you can, if you have questions we can fix it at a later date.

    Online Form


  • 2– Digital Picture of Main Applicant, see sample below:

  • 3– Scanned Copy of your Main Passport Page.

  • 4– If you have visas from other countries, including the US, please send it as well.

  • 5– Use of Rep Form signed, Please print and sign in Section D as shown below. Link  to Download the document to sign

  • 6– Last 3 bank statements showing that you have enough funds to support yourself, pay for your school and your flight ticket. If someone will pay for your trip, we may need a support letter signed and accompanied with a official Document from the person paying for your studies and trip.

  • 7– Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from your school.

  • 8– A Study Plan: Basically we need a letter where you explain the Immigration Officer what are your plans about your studies. You can create a draft letter and send it to us for review. Once we review it we can send it back to you for your signature. In this letter please make sure you include something about what you would do at the end of our study period once you go back to your home country.